NYX Matte & Butter Lipstick


This post is not sponsored by the said brand.


NYX Matte & Butter Lipstick
Left: Matte Lipstick in the shade Aria Right: Butter Lipstick in the shade Mary Janes

I should say that these two last quite a long time, especially the matte one (supposedly).

Left: Mary Janes ; Right: Aria

I swatched it in the opposite order, sorry.
The butter one applies really smoothly, hence the name. Creates a smooth finish, not glossy but not satin.While the matte one, you need to be careful because it can be a liiiiittle bit patchy and uneven. I prepare my lips with lip balm before applying the matte one because it will just like a spotlight to the evidence of your dry lips.

The colour transfer, but weirdly it still stays opaque! And if you’re the sheer lipstick kind of user, these two are probably not for you.

The way they smell, hmm…. like play dough. I hate it. Can you please just remove the scents?
Are they waterproof? Yes. I tried running it under water and smudge it using my fingers. The colour didn’t budge. So they’re smudge-proof as well.

Are they kiss-proof? Seeing they’re smudge proof, but the colour transfers, well…

Price-wise, 7.5 of 10. You get what you paid for and more.

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