Beauty Creations Eyeshadow – Tease Me

Hi guys!


Now I’m going to talk about this eyeshadow, which people go crazy about on youtube and instagram because of its good quality and price.


It’s no other than this Beauty Creations Eyeshadow, Tease Me.


Check the price here


I got it as my birthday present from my friends that I come to love!



It gives out really good pigmentation! And I’ve swatched them all on my hands.


The top is “lies”, second top is “blissful”, and so on (in order)


The top one is “peaches”, second top is “please me”

And here’s what I think about this palette:

+ Good price!

+ Good pigmentation

+ Wearable shades for daily make up

+ Easy to blend

+ Has mirror, quite large one

+ Stay all day


– Really powdery (you have to watch out for the fall out), I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but the shades “LUST” really crumbles like no other shadow would. I rubbed it to swatch like others, but it surely feels like I dip my finger into a glitter jar, not pressed eyeshadow.


I really love all the glitter and shimmer shades, I love “lust” too but I just have to be careful with it 🙂


Lovely goods with lovely price!


I’ll update with the look I made with this palette because I forgot where did I store the photo -_-


See ya!

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