Welcoming 2021


All of us went through 2020 pretty well, we’re still alive and well, yes?

Some of my friends got layoff in 2020 due to this pandemic, their company can’t pay for more staffs. While some got their salary deducted. As for me, things were quite well for me. I still have my job, with full salary. I can work from home, and feel more safe.

Ha! As if.

So the last week of 2020 I went to a clinic to do swab test. Guess what? The result came out : positive. I kind of expected that actually, because that day I lost my ability to smell about 80%, I can smell some things but not the soft scents. To make sure, I did PCR Swab. The result came the next day around 3AM. Yep, positive.

See the two lines? Even if it’s faint, it’s still considered detected.

Chill, I didn’t feel like the shortness of breath, loss appetite, loss the ability to taste, fever, or any other. Just can’t smell soft scents. I still can smell my coffee tho? Perhaps because I already got the flu like days before.

I thought it’s just normal flu. If I hadn’t lose the ability to smell, I wouldn’t know.

I thought it’s kinda unfair… I wore mask every day every time, when outside home, and not eating nor drinking. I didn’t hang out, just out to get dinner (just twice a month, maximum). And yet I still catch the virus 😦 meanwhile those people out there who don’t even follow the protocol, they’re alive and well, without the virus.

But again, I feel grateful. Catching the virus around this time when people are already aware of the virus and how to deal with it. Imagine catching it when people are not even ready and aware about it. Must be harder and more frustating. And I’m grateful for my circle. They’re so helpful and positive thinking. They made me laugh and stay positive to be negative (do you get it?). Some sent me vitamins, fruits, lots of foods, even when they’re miles away. I have this neighbour right beside me, they send (yes, they still) us food for lunch everyday!

So, after 2 weeks of self isolation, I went to do PCR swab again. The result came out soooo late. My first swab that’s positive came out like 12 hours after I did the test. I did the test at 3PM, the result came out at 3AM the next day. But this one, I did the test at 2AM, and the result came out at 2AM.

Thank all Gods, it’s negative!

But I still have to self isolate for 2 more weeks until I can go out to walk my dog, poor Draco can’t even take his walk for a month 😦

I will post about what to do during self isolation and to cure it (my way) on the next post, because I want it to be in a single post.

What I wish for this 2021 is for us all to survive this covid-19 pandemic and live a better life than before. I don’t really have resolution, really.


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