Something Precious


I can’t be the first person to ever ask someone this, and I’m really curious.

“What does your pet mean to you?”

Some might say, “it’s just pet, I keep it to guard my house”. While some might say, “something precious, my baby”. I hope I won’t ever hear someone say “just something I bought for fun”.

I’m the second person. My pet is something so precious to me, he’s my baby, my forever baby.

Funny thing is, I used to be so scared of dogs. Any kind of dog, even the puppy. Silly, I know. I bought my first dog to overcome my fear of dog. Yes, I bought him not adopted him. Why? In my logic, to overcome my fear, I need to have him as a puppy. Puppy would be less scary then adult dog, yes? And back then, I didn’t know any shelter that have puppy to be adopted, I wasn’t resourceful. So I bought mine from a breeder where my friend got hers. I chose that breeder because the breeder does aftercare like my friend used to chat her to ask things about the dogs.

At first I got him to help me overcome my fear. But then he helped me to stay alive.

That same year, I went through an ugly break up. I had a lot of plan with that guy I was in relationship with, but turns out I’m only human.

We humans make plans, but the LORD has the final word

Proverbs 16:1

I have always been the suicidal type, no one would guess. I might seem active, cheerful, and happy at day. But when I was alone at night, I would cry remembering our days (LOL when I re-think about it, I was so silly crying about it let alone staying in that relationship where 80% of it was him being a jerk). And when I cried, my dog was looking at me with his round eyes wondering what his human was doing, then he walked to me and slept on my lap. He did this whenever I cried.

When I saw him doing that, not only I smiled because he was so cute, this thought came, “Heh. I need to be alive to keep feeding him nice foods and buying him nice clothes”. Aha! Sense of duty? Maybe it is.

Whatever it is, I decided to take care of this little one until the day he needs to cross the rainbow bridge. He’s not always healthy, always obedient, always have the appetite like any other dogs. He has abnormality on his bones, he is allergic to dust, some days he doesn’t even want to eat his food (mind you he eats cooked meat without additional flavour) so we had to buy KFC (geez the MSG amount).

Because this little one has a special place in my heart.

Noooo, my dog is still alive of course. This is just an appreciation post.

Just to be clear.

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