Discovering New Hobbies


It’s the second year of Covid-19 pandemic. We’re going to pass this pandemic! Things are better looking now actually, since there are lots of vaccine out there, if you’re anti-vaccine … just keep your opinion for yourself.

Being in the pandemic for almost two years got me bored and frustrated. Things I was going to do, jobs I was going to take, all got cancelled by myself since I was being paranoid. Then I got nothing to do at home, just work at home (yep, our company went digital in three days from the announcement of the pandemic).

Thank God, I discovered a few new hobbies. Or I’ll be dead bored.

I discovered I like to knit and play games, but not to the level of being a gamer. I’ll bring shame to gamers if I join. I just like to play, not to win LOL I suck.

I have always like crocheting, but not knitting. I used to dislike knitting since I can’t do it (sore loser). Knitting requires more focus, I need to be focus while doing knitting or I will mess the count and the stitch. Focusing on doing one thing has never been my thing. I find it hard to focus (even until now). Eh who knows I did finish 2 knit sweater. Took quite a long time to finish the sweater, a total noob. But I like how it looks, the sweater.

I made 3 crochet sweater, 3 crochet bags, 5 crochet hats, 1 knit hat. Wow so productive (I swear this is not a self-appreciation post).


I discovered PUBG and Mobile Legends. Oh, and The Sims 4!

I have played The Sims, just The Sims 1. Then I got no time to play it anymore since I took a long time to just build 1 small house… shame. Then on the early time of pandemic, I discovered The Sims 4 because it magically appeared on my YouTube home. Then I downloaded it, the base game price was so cheap! Then after base game, I bought more expansion and packs :’) it’s no more cheap. All thanks to Lilsimsie, Simlicy, Claire Siobhan.


Those three give me so much idea on playing the sims 😀 if it’s good then it’s not a waste of money.

The way they play the game, really looks fun! The narration, the excitement on how they describe the game play. The way they build the houses :O All seems fun.

This is the house I build. Still on going, I mean the decoration. Still looking for more ideas.

That’s my favourite house right now. The house was not big, but seems warm and homey! Just my kind of house.

PUBG and Mobile Legends? Sure!

LOL after this season I went away, resting my account.

How about you? Have you discovered new hobbies during pandemic?

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