Well. Hello there!

Here I made a precaution (if the title still confuse some people) just in case my how to just doesn’t work on you. Read this before anything. FYI, I’m not a wizard.

Make up wise, I must tell you that I have rather oily/combination skin. What I do on my face, might or might not work on you, it depends on your skin type/skin condition. I, too, have rather large pores which I’m still working on knowing how to make it appear smaller or if possible to be smaller.

I will post about my skin care as well, whether or not they work like how they’re supposed to.

Health wise, I’m trying to be healthy here. I might still eat Indomie (I believe they spiked the seasonings with drugs, it’s so addictive!) and drink coffee. I’m trying to be healthy, I really am. But sometimes (or should I say most of the time) the temptation and the struggle are real.

As for recipe, if mine doesn’t do well for you, feel free to comment so I can improve 🙂


I’ll try my best to write my honest review and recipe 🙂