Jelly Nail Art

Hey guys,


So lately I’ve been trying to do my own nails, because:

  1. Cost saving
  2. I rarely satisfied when other people do things for me, yep I’m an ass.

I know I know, I’m not even good enough to be not satisfied. But how should I say this without being an ass? I pay so I could get better things to do for me, but some times when I see the result I think I could do better? Yep, still an ass.

Therefore, I bought the UV lamp and other necessary items, and started to do my own nails. It is far from perfect, even far from good. But I feel nice to save some cost and being creative. Oh, another reason. I can’t really tell them to do exactly what I want, otherwise they would get mad.


These nails I’m going to show here are already with me for 2 weeks or so. So I’ve repaired some broken nails, adding colours where new plain nails are showing, redo blank nails because I can’t stop myself from taking the gel off when I’m bored.

left hand, just realised after it’s done, the white makes it looks ew.
right hand
left thumb
right thumb, see the nail growth? got lazy to recolour.


Nail colour used was this:




It looks so cute on the nail, and you won’t even see a huge different when the nails grow, which irritates me the most.

After I apply like 2 layers I put the gold and silver flakes, and apply the third layer, and then set it with the (claimed to be) extra glow top coat. Cure between layer. It does work like it claimed though.


Sad I can’t take proper picture because it looks better in real life 😦


If you have time, you could try to make this. Clear up your mind as well 🙂



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