Current Situation Update


I’m not trying to be like news or anything similar. Just updating from my point of view.

I live in Indonesia, and In Indonesia it’s still bad. I mean not as bad as Wuhan on February, the people. During large scale social distancing, there were people who still gather and go out wherever they please, even when we were told to stay at home and do self-quarantine. Perhaps it’s not only in Indonesia, I know after seeing the news. And quite a lot of people believe (seriously, one of my IT team does) that Covid-19 is only political made virus. In other words, it’s not real.

For me… how can I not? One of my relative passed away on March this year because of this virus? He went to a hospital in Indonesia, diagnosed with pneumonia. But he himself was skeptical about the pneumonia, so he went to neighbor country to get checked. And yep, it’s Covid-19. He was admitted to the hospital, got into the ICU, and then not so long after that, he passed away. So, how can I not believe or take this virus as a joke?

Many people here are still not wearing mask, spit on the sidewalk (ew), not doing physical distancing, blaming doctors for not being able to do the job well (after the blamer got sick because not wearing mask and things)…

I know getting mask were quite hard from February – April. Bad bad people bought a lot and kept it to be sold at really high price. I bought 5 at really high price 😥 but what to do? I need it to be shared with the family. But then good news came, those who bought masks to be sold at a really high price were jailed, and a lot of home industry began making masks made from fabric. That made the price went lower. And now more people are seen wearing mask. How nice 🙂

Schools were closed for 3 months, and it’s on the news that school will be open on July if the situation is okay by then. My friend’s children are not so happy about it, because they will have to wake up early and go to school again. But when I was a kid, I’d be so happy seeing my friends again after long holiday hahaha.

Oh, and office too. I was informed our office will start normal on July. Can’t wait to see my friends (LOL). Working at home is nice, I can see my dog and family at home. Having my dog on my lap while working is nice. But I have to admit, it’s quite hard to work 100% because I don’t have my hardcopy documents with me and a lot of time I need them.

Pray and hope the situation will be better in short time 🙂

I kinda miss having afternoon tea here.


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